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Retinol serum is one of the most popular and commendable beauty products in the market today. A lot of men and women are grappling with skin problems especially those that come with aging. Nowadays, creams and lotions abundantly contain retinol to address skin care dilemmas and provide the best solutions possible. For instance, retinol serum essentially helps remedy the signs of aging because of its ingredients and formulation.

The Science behind Retinol Serum

Retinol, in its most basic term, is the whole, unprocessed vitamin A molecule. The body, particularly the skin, needs vitamin A to protect it from free radicals that generate cell growth. A retinol serum is a product that contains retinol or vitamin A molecules that work for skin protection and repairs damaged cells. There are scientific proofs that the formulation of retinol in creams, lotions, and serums offers tangible and sure effects on the skin.

In its technical term, retinol belongs to a substance family called retinoid. The effectiveness of a retinol serum is due to the fact that it contains formulation with substances small enough to efficiently penetrate the skin’s outer layers. Once the retinol enters the superficial layer of the skin, it works its way down and deep to the lower layers. Retinol reaches the layer where the elastin and collagen resides, two important factors in skin health and structure.

Retinoid Functions for Skin Enhancement

A retinol serum loaded with retinoid makes a huge difference in skin care and development. In fact, retinoid plays a crucial during cell growth and development. Here are some of the essential functions of retinoid that is present in your retinol serum:

  • It works to retune cell turnover particularly in the skin.
  • It reduces the “sticky-like” character of the cells located in the pores.
  • It prevents the clogging of the pores that is the most prominent cause of acne breakout and other skin problems.
  • It lessens sebum activity that results in lesser or zero acne.

Sensitive Skin and Retinoid

Retinol serum Retinol serum is a very commendable beauty and skin care product with high success rating then and now. A lot of cosmetic brands utilize the powerful properties of retinol to treat skin problems particularly those that require extra care and attention. Although retinol formulations have exfoliating effects, most serums are suitable and safe for sensitive skin. A retinol serum presents a potent nature that makes it a good treatment for anti-aging.

Although vitamin A absorption is possible with intake of food groups such as sweet potato, carrots, and kale, direct application of retinol on the skin automatically speeds up the skin beautification process. Creams and serums with retinol content minimize wrinkles and fine lines. It also improves the texture of the skin and provides protection against redness and dryness.

There are tons of beauty products available in the market such as Amazon with promises and hypes. Although it may leave you dazed and confused, you are sure of one thing. A retinol serum gives you surefire and visible results for the ultimate skin care.

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