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The abuse of drugs, especially in the United States and the use of illegal drugs is a major problem, one that caused the U.S. Government to declare a war on drugs several decades ago. The war on drugs has had very little effect though as international drug dealers are very astute in finding new ways to defy the tightened border controls but it is a drug which is produced in the United States which has perhaps caused the country’s biggest drug problem and that is the use of Methamphetamine. The continued use of illegal drugs has meant that there has been an increase in the number of Drug Rehabilitation Centers there are in the United Sates despite many of them like South Shores Recovery located in Orange County, California, having very good success rates. Methamphetamine was in fact developed in the United States during the 1950s as a miracle drug in helping people to reduce their weight.

As a weight loss drug it was effective but the problem was that when it was first introduced, it was not realized that the drug had some very serious side effects. Once the seriousness of these side effects had been realized, the drug immediately became illegal however, as it was relatively easy to produce and one of the side effects was that it made the taker feel good, on the black market it became just as popular as a recreational drug as it had as a legal weight loss drug and has continued to be popular ever since. There are several adverse side effects now associated with Methamphetamine (Meth) including symptoms which can lead to death. The drug does make the user feel good because it has an effect on the brain but the feeling good can also be accompanied by feelings of paranoia, insomnia, anxiety, aggression and irritability.

The drug as well as having an effect on weight loss can also cause problems with the blood, heart, liver and kidneys. How severe these side effects are depends on how much had been taken and for how long the person affected had been taking it however, even taken in moderation Methamphetamine has been known to cause death. One of the main problems with this drug is that it builds tolerance which means that once someone becomes addicted, they will need to take it in increasing quantities for it to have any effect. Although the bodily harm caused by the drug can have lasting effects, the actual “feelings” may only last for between 6 and 24 hours which means it can be difficult for law enforcement to know if someone is an addict or not. As a saliva test can show if someone has taken Methamphetamine in the past few hours, law enforcement authorities usually rely on that type of test however, urine or samples of hair can determine if someone has taken the drug in the past few days but all of these tests can take several days to show negative results.

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